Winter in Val Comelico

Ski holiday among the Dolomites

Feel the winter magic during a wonderful skiing holiday week in the Dolomites in our ACTIVE Hotel LA TORRE****. Padola is a paradise for country-cross ski: the Lago di Campo and the barns covered with snow offer an unbelievable landscape. With your skis on, You can reach the Valgrande starting from the center of the village and you come back through different paths hidden in the forest.

Padola is the only village in Val Comelico with ski slopes and skilifts reachable by foot, for an eco-friendly holiday. A modern chairlift will lead you to many slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. A skilift allows to reach the easiest slope for beginners. Of course, You will find also the ideal conditions for wonderful tours of ski-mountaineering, and trails for sleds and snowshoes.

Holiday deals

Holiday deals in the Dolomites of Val Comelico